3 Top Croatia Destinations

Tucked away in a corner of Europe, Croatia has become one the top tourist destinations in the world, with its medieval cities, historical ruins and breathtaking scenery. Croatia has a spectacular coast line in the form of the Adriatic coast with sapphire waters and has 1185 islands!

Here are 3 top croatia destinations that are worth a visit:

1. Dubrovnik

Also known as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic sea’, Dubrovnik is dazzlingly beautiful and Croatia’s top attraction. Its old town city is absolutely magical and a must-see with its magnificent palaces and gorgeous beaches.

2. Hvar

Think lavender fields, lush vineyards and shimmering white sandy beaches with clear blue waters – that and much more is Hvar for you. It is a stunning island and the main city, Hvar Town, has Gothic palaces, 13th century marble streets and walls and an impressive old fortress. Hiking mountains and swimming in scenc coves are other pleasures to be had here.

3. Zagreb

Zagreb has a cafe culture ambience year round and it is quite known for its nightlife. There are numerous sights for sightseeing like galleries and museums, and do try its famous coffee before you leave the place.